Aeson Knight Received a Five-Star Rating

User33443558 –

Aeson is quick and to the point!!! He didn’t waste my time or money trying to tell me how I feel where as a couple of other psychics I had called literally spent over 5+ minutes telling me how I feel and ways to be positive (I didn’t need a psychic to tell me how I felt…sigh)!

Most people who call a psychic already know how the feel. What they want are answers that they can’t come up with, clarity, validation, or a glimpse into the future. Aeson went right to the point and answered my questions quickly. He is very easy to talk to, didn’t judge me or my situation like another psychic did. The reading went very well and in my favor. He did say one thing I did not like (he clarified what I felt anyway) but that’s what I paid for…answers and honesty, quick and to the point!

Now it’s a matter of waiting for several things to fall into place over the next 3 weeks to 4 months. I will definitely call him again. Such a beautiful soul and so down to earth!