A Reading with Aeson

A psychic reading with Aeson is very much like meeting a long-lost friend, one whom your soul is glad to contact again. The kind of friend you share secrets with, that accepts you for yourself, and knows what and gives your troubles a kind ear and frank advice. Aeson combines tarot with his psychic abilities to peer deeper into your struggles, to not only answer what you ask, but also consider the entirety of your circumstances.

You are totally in charge of your life, and should rely upon common sense, sound judgments, and the facts available to you as you make plans for your journey through this world. A psychic reading is similar to getting directions when you are unsure about the turns ahead. While that advice won’t give you easy answers or remove the obstacles in your way, a psychic reading is meant to give confidence and clarity that you are headed in the right direction. With the craziness in the world today, choosing the right path is more confusing than ever.

To start, Aeson will tell you generally what he sees, and the conversation continues with your questions, please make sure you have them ready!

You may ask to have your reading recorded, so that you can review it later or with others.

While, other “psychics” tell people that their problems are caused by negative blocks, curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution, don’t believe these things. They do not exist. Only a fraud will tell you such things.

And rest assured, discretion and not betraying the confidence of a client are always taken into consideration. Aeson does keep records and reaches out to clients in different capacities, such as thank you notes and opt-in newsletters, but does not publicly publish, or in any way distribute, a list of his clients, or the content of your interactions.