Aeson’s Views on Spirit Guides


We all have them, and they can go by different names. Be it guides, guardian angels, the voice of truth in the back of your head, gut feeling, whatever you wish to call them. You communicate with them every day, even if you don’t realize it. Who are you talking to as you go about your daily life? Who is always there to help you work through the problem you are facing? I call them spirit guides, you are free to call them whatever name suits you. It’s a common part of problem solving for people, and their name isn’t important. What they have to tell you, however, that’s what matters.

Many children have what grown-ups call “imaginary friends.” I believe that when you first meet your spirit guides as a child, the only way we can perceive them is as imaginary friends, because grownups can’t see or hear them like a child does. As we grow older, many people forget that they are there until you need them or go hunting for them later in life.

Putting away childish things, because we’ve grown older and it’s what we’re told to do, makes it harder to hear them. As kids, we are told by adults, who put theirs away, that they are not real, just our imaginations. And that causes us to write off everything spiritual, paranormal, and psychic as “make believe.”

Let me introduce you to “my boys” as I call them. I can’t give you the names like I would my other friends, because I am not sure they have names other than the ones I have given them, at least not ones that could be spelled out or comprehended in English. I have three guides that look to be human.

Mark – With an appearance that is always changing, Mark is who I see most. I’m not sure if he doesn’t know what he wants to look like to me, or if I change how he looks in my mind every time. Mark, though pushy, gives encouragement to try new things, do something different, be different, and helps me up when I’m down.

Darin – With his flowing beard and ceremonial robe, and the tone of a teacher in his voice he reminds me of a Druid. Darin is the guide that works the most with me as I provide a reading.

Dave – A tall, good natured Indian that can find information on anything. A friendly steampunk librarian with beady eyes behind spectacles, he always has a warm smile enveloped in a soft goatee.

Pan – Last, but certainly not least, is my black panther. I think he is both my animal guard and teacher. His presence is the one that interests me the most. Most of his time is spent carefully watching and studying humans, absorbing their every detail and movement, and feeding me details that I may have otherwise missed.

My Boys:  Mark, Darin, Dave, and Pan, they are always with me. Each one teaches me something new every day, and is always there in my struggles and joy, sharing my journey through life, always looking for ways to make the trip better. Just out of the corner of my eye, I always sense them about. Have you looked for yours recently? I bet they are still there, long forgotten and their advice neglected. Look for them, listen to them, hear what they have to say. The counsel and advice that they have longed to share with you is right there waiting. Be open, be humble, and be prepared to hear some hard truths.