Aeson’s Views on Spirit Guides

We all have them, those unseen companions that go by various names—guides, guardian angels, the voice of truth in the back of your head, or that gut feeling. They’re there, even if you aren’t aware of it. Who accompanies you through your daily life? Who offers guidance when you face challenges? I refer to them as spirit guides, but feel free to use any name that resonates with you. Their identity is not as important as the wisdom they impart.

Remember when we were children and had what adults called “imaginary friends”? I believe those were our first encounters with spirit guides. As children, we perceive them as imaginary friends because adults cannot see or hear them in the same way. Unfortunately, as we grow older, many of us forget about them, only to rediscover their presence later in life when we are in need.

As we put away childish things, following the expectations of society, it becomes harder to hear their whispers. Adults who have stowed away their own imaginary friends dismiss the spiritual, the paranormal, and the psychic as mere fantasies. But let me introduce you to “my boys,” as I affectionately call them. I cannot provide their names as I would with my human friends, for I am not certain if they have names beyond the ones I have given them—names that may not be easily spelled or comprehended in English. Nonetheless, I have three guides who appear human.

Mark, ever-changing in appearance, is the guide I see most frequently. I often wonder if his fluctuating form reflects his uncertainty or if I am the one who shapes his appearance each time. Despite his assertiveness, Mark offers encouragement to explore new paths, embrace uniqueness, and helps me rise when I am down.

Darin, with his flowing beard and ceremonial robe, carries the demeanor of a wise teacher. He is the guide who assists me the most when I provide readings.

Dave, a tall and amiable figure with an Indian heritage, possesses an uncanny ability to uncover information on any subject. With his beady eyes peering through spectacles, he resembles a friendly steampunk librarian, always donning a warm smile framed by a soft goatee.

Lastly, there’s Pan, my black panther—an intriguing presence serving as both my guardian and mentor. His essence captivates me the most. Pan spends his time carefully observing and studying humans, absorbing their every detail and movement. He shares those insights with me, revealing nuances I might otherwise overlook.

Mark, Darin, Dave, and Pan—my boys—they are ever-present companions. Each day, they teach me something new and support me in both struggles and moments of joy. They accompany me on my journey through life, continuously seeking ways to enrich the experience. Though I mostly sense their presence out of the corner of my eye, I know they are there. When was the last time you sought out your guides? I bet they are still there, long forgotten, their advice neglected. Take a moment to seek them, to listen attentively, and to hear what they have to share. The counsel and wisdom they have longed to impart to you await your discovery. Be receptive, be humble, and be prepared to face some hard truths.