Client Testimonials

So many years of you reading for me!

It’s amazing how accurate you are, so caring, and honest!!

This time you relieved my mind of so much that was keeping me from being positive and keeping me anxious!!

Now I found the positive and my anxiety is normal.

I know from years of experience with you that everything will happen just as you said.

Thank you so much for being there and helping through life’s path!!

Knowing what I have coming up in the very near future!!

Thank you!!!

Kathryn Drown Lino Lakes, MN

Sooooo, what I really enjoy my chats with Aeson is that he is extremely straight to the point. I’m going through a tough situation whereas I only thought of him to help me sort my mind with making the best decision. I read with other readers but I know and always feel comfortable that he will be bold and stop me mid speech to give me the answer to help me. I know this like naturally! With regards to love his predictions are very solid. I’ve only reached out to him for love questions but today my inner angels told me call Aeson and it was the best decision because I feel that I’m fine with whatever choice I make.

Thanks Aeson for being a friend with me! Tonight you were my remedy!!!!


Aeson is one of the best. Honest, straightforward, quick and compassionate and does not waste time. In my experience, Aeson sees quite deeply as well, tuning in beyond my fears and giving direction based on my highest good.

Alicat04 Psychic.Biz

Aeson is wonderful! I’ve had readings with him before and keep on coming back precisely because he’s nonjudgmental, dedicated, and fair! Very detailed, he provides clarity and reassurance. Whenever I am feeling down, I know Aeson will be a pick me up!

Christina5126 Psychic.Biz
Very informative. Gave me lots of information that I needed to process what the heck just happened. Recommended.
Excellent advisor. Just the person I need to speak with during this crazy mercury retrograde =(
Loveeeeeeee him. Nails it everytime.
Always accurate and straight to the point!
This man gets right to answering your questions. He does not waste your time or try to find out any hidden information. He tells you what he is receiving. He has an amazing gift. He was right on the money with the people and situations. I wouldn’t hesitate to call again.
Wonderful to put a voice with a face. Love his straight forward no frou-frou approach. Gave awesome advice & guidance. Thanks so much
Thanks for the clarity, Aeson. I look forward to your predictions coming to pass!
Very straightforward and helpful
I have been getting advice from Aeson for a year and a half now. He is my ONLY go-to psychic! He’s very honest, no sugar coating at all. he also talks fast so your money isn’t wasted. His readings have been 100% accurate every time.
Hippyj76 Psychic.Biz
This guy is so spot on every time it is scary. I know he’s true because he gave me bad news a year ago but I waited the year and didn’t tell him it’s me again and he tuned in and has been accurate. Basically no nonsense no sugarcoating–very, very good!!!!!
Very good. Picked up on things I didn’t tell him. Was very straightforward. Kept it real. Thank you.
Great connection and always honest, and detailed. Thank you.
I have spoken to Aeson a couple different occasions regarding some situations I was having with my relationship and he has been such a great help. Each time. Really tunes in and is spot on! Thank you very much! Will reach out to you again!
This man has a divine gift, very intuned with everything and gets right to the heart of things. I’ve had the pleasure of many readings and all VERY to the point & true. This man don’t waste your time or money. You are a true send to me from above, I thank you and will continue to confide in your gifts.
Aeson is amazing. He is very patient, honest and kind and will not tell you what you want to hear. Not judgmental and brought up things in my life that I did not mention to him which made me realize that he is the real deal. He is very detailed and does not sugar coat. I like how he explains your options and lets you be your own person and not tell you what you have to do. Thank you, I was on a horrible path spiritually, if it was not for you, I don’t think that I would be here!
Ok sometimes with other readers I get a bit anxious when I feel their reading drags but Aeson is extremely fast and I look for more questions after he answers in seconds. Like I want to stay on the phone with him because he is very quick and to the point and that is very hard to find with any reader. So if you like straight forward answers he is your go to! I’m happy with my reads so five stars always!
I’ve had several readings with Aeson. He’s direct, to the point, sometimes humorous and he’s helped me tremendously. Where I’ve had a great deal of difficulty in my life, he is giving me some strength I probably wouldn’t of had it. Besides, a true person and he goes out of his way to do the most that he can for you!
Wow. Is all I can say. I really needed to hear what he said to finalize my next few months. Thank you for putting me in the right state of mind. I’ve called him a few years ago and he was correct but he wasn’t as expressive since we used chat. Calling him was the best thing that happened to me this week. I am very grateful. Thank you again. I will call you soon to give you an update.
First time calling. Picked up on the situation quickly. He knew exactly what was going on and provided insight and advice right away. Very easy to talk to and he is funny. Will call again.
Awesome reading! He’s been a wonderful guide over the last few months and his insight is impeccable.
Still super nice and patient with me. I asked so many things and he doesn’t get annoyed or irritated. Not judgmental at all. I have to wait for the job offers. And I will update again soon. Thanks so much!!!
Thank you!! Very fast and he knows exactly what he’s talking about. I feel relieved. He could have said many things that doesn’t fit my life but he touched on A LOT that I’m currently going through. How do you even know lol. Amazing!
He’s my Guru go-to
Always quick with connecting and responding. Says what is meant to be said.
Aeson has been a helper to me for YEARS and I depend on him. If you need someone who is qualified for this, try this man. You won’t be sorry!!!!! He is thoughtful/helpful etc. and very definitely a KEEPER!!!
100% the best person, psychic in the world. He is fast, always tight, and quick. He is an excellent person who is just so gifted and holds nothing back, good or bad. Love your shows on blog talk coffee shop.
Renegade Psychic.Biz
Thanks again for always being quick and to the point. Your reassurance of the situation calmed my stress. I have been talking to you for close to 20 years now and you are always the go to person for direct answers.
Very direct, however, very warm and kind. I appreciate the information and the encouragement. Thank you!!!
Really direct and quick advice that’s applicable. He said a few things that really put to rest exactly what I was inquiring about. Thank you for the peace of mind.
Thank you so much for being there for me Aeson! Your service to others is incredible. Not only do you make yourself available just about any time, you are so dedicated to helping others. Your accuracy and positive attitude is refreshingly wonderful!
Suzieloveandlight Psychic.Biz
He is very thoughtful and quick and some information has come to pass as very accurate. Waiting to see if the rest unfolds, but seems quite accurate.
Another awesome reading from Aeson. I feel that he’s reading my situation right. Thanks!!
Thank you Aeson!! Great to talk with you again after a couple years!! Aeson always picked up on my relationship through the years!!
He is awesome. I always come back to him. He can connect to me…so I feel like he can see what’s happening. I don’t think any prediction has been wrong.
He’s consistent. His timelines may change but he sticks to what he tells you no matter what. He has faith in his own predictions and his gift and once he says something will happen, you can call 20 times and his prediction will not change.
Sdrivner Psychic.Biz
Spoke with Aeson about a year ago and his predictions came to pass. I feel he has the qualities of a true psychic. BTW, he does not need additional information (birthdate, pick a card, or “tell me when to stop shuffling”), he just gets in tune right away with your situation.
This reader is truly amazing!!! I called him last night…It had been a while but I wanted to ask him about a new person that I met last week while on vacation…I was having doubts about the sincerity of the POI because he did a disappearing act on me and I hadn’t spoken with him for about 2-3 days…I took it as a loss since we lived at a distance, but last night Aeson told me that he would contact me and we would be keeping in touch…I was a little doubtful until today when he reached out to me and apologized for the delay…He had a last minute work trip and he didn’t get much time before catching a flight. So Aeson was RIGHT!!! He is definitely the real deal!!!
Aeson is quick and to the point!!! He didn’t waste my time or money trying to tell me how I feel where as a couple of other psychics I had called literally spent over 5+ minutes telling me how I feel and ways to be positive (I didn’t need a psychic to tell me how I felt…sigh)! Most people who call a psychic already know how the feel. What they want are answers that they can’t come up with, clarity, validation, or a glimpse into the future. Aeson went right to the point and answered my questions quickly. He is very easy to talk to, didn’t judge me or my situation like another psychic did. The reading went very well and in my favor. He did say one thing I did not like (he clarified what I felt anyway) but that’s what I paid for…answers and honesty, quick and to the point! Now it’s a matter of waiting for several things to fall into place over the next 3 weeks to 4 months. I will definitely call him again. Such a beautiful soul and so down to earth!
Aeson R. Knight is Top in his field. Aside from beyond professional and accurate down to the date, he is caring and compassionate. He is my go to for psychic readings, Life and Business Coaching and is helping me take my business to the next level. I call him every day.
Love Love Aeson… He predicted I would get a job and got a job offer… He’s friendly and easy to talk too… He’s my go to guy… Much love darling!!!
I like him. I think he’s very much to the point and doesn’t add a lot of fluff which is good. Also, he picked up on the fact that I have a terrible time sleeping at night and my back pain would be helped if I bought new pillows. So guess what…I did and he was right! No more pain. That’s not even why I called to boot!
Love talking to Aeson. Answers quickly and honestly. Very friendly and kind. Very professional. Always makes me feel better and clarifies so much for me. Helps me understand the situation. And always gives me great advice. Thank you Aeson! 🙂
Veronicaqzee Psychic.Biz
Aeson is so accurate and so in tune. I’ve always had great readings from him. Things happen according to what he says. I always come back for follow-up with him. Blessings.
He is fast and on point. he can see what’s on both of your mind. Just start a convo!
Excellent reading and insights into my experience.
Piano Jim
Dead on with my boyfriend