Aeson Podcasts

Monday 5 pm “Modern Spiritualists with Aeson Knight and Fire Fly,” every Monday at 5 PM. This enlightening program delves into the realm of modern spiritualism, offering in-depth discussions on various topics.

Aeson Knight, with over 20 years of experience, shares his profound journey and brings together spiritual leaders from around the world to impart their stories and knowledge. To learn more about Aeson, visit: Connect with Aeson on Zodiac at

FireFly, an intuitive reader with an innate gift and a strong intuition since the age of 16, offers guidance on new life paths and empowers individuals to move forward. Experience her extraordinary connection with the spirit realm. Learn more about Fire Fly at To reach Fire Fly, visit

Every Tuesday at 8 PM, don’t miss “The Psychic Coffee Shop.” This show provides a unique psychic perspective on current events. Special guests join Aeson Knight, a master psychic with over 22 years of experience, as they share a cup of Joe, engage in enlightening conversations, and showcase their exceptional gifts. From influential writers to esteemed members of the psychic community, diverse voices come together for lively discussions. Aeson Knight offers inspiration and empowerment in each one-hour session, providing answers and solutions to your issues and guiding you toward the future you deserve. Tune in at 9 PM every Tuesday night and enjoy the insightful conversations. We look forward to hearing your questions and stories!

On Thursdays at 8 PM, grab your coffee and tea for the show “Coffee and Tea” with Aeson Knight. Each week, Aeson sits down with his close working friends to discuss various topics that come to the top of the cup. From shared experiences with clients to upcoming projects, they explore it all. Aeson Knight, a master psychic and certified clairvoyant, has advised clients from average housewives to government officials worldwide for over 22 years. Joining him are:

  • First Thursday: Tracy Vann, who recognized her clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance at the age of ten. Tracy has studied the paranormal and occult since her teenage years. Visit Tracy at
  • Second Thursday: Sandie Star, originally from Australia, now residing in the US since 2002. Sandie brings her psychic abilities, tarot skills, dream exploration, mediumship, and dream interpretation to every reading, offering direct and honest insights. Learn more about Sandie Star at
  • Third Thursday: Lady Gwendolyn, a tarot reader with over 10 years of experience and a deep connection to her ancestral roots. Gwendolyn Ravenstone’s grounded approach provides meaningful insights, inspired by her childhood exploration of nature and guidance from the spirits. For more information, visit
  • Fourth Thursday: Natalie McVicker, a psychic medium with a natural connection to spirit since birth. Originally from Scotland, Natalie now resides in West Virginia. With her unique experiences, she offers profound readings. Follow Natalie on Facebook at and get a reading at

On Fridays at 8 PM, join Aeson Knight and Joe for “The Mountain Bears Podcast,” live from the Mountains of West Virginia. This gay-ish, techy-ish, bearish conversation covers a wide range of current topics. Aeson, a certified master psychic, has been helping people worldwide for over 22 years. Joe, a trained Information Systems & Operations Management professional, adds his tech expertise to the discussions. Together, they offer advice and suggestions by understanding people’s lives on a deeper level. Tune in for engaging conversations.

Finally, on Sundays at 8 PM, Aeson Knight presents “Psychic That Plan.” As a gay poly, master psychic, teacher, and podcaster, Aeson shares his planning process live, alongside Joe. Discover how these two busy entrepreneurs manage their lives while providing a weekly tarot energy overview. Aeson focuses on answering your direct questions, providing clear and concise information to guide you effectively.

Don’t miss these captivating shows and gain valuable insights and guidance from Aeson Knight, Fire Fly, and their guests. Take the time for self-care and join them every week.