Aeson’s Code of Ethics


Anyone who deals with people’s lives each day should have a code of ethics for maintaining professionalism. And it’s important for you, the consumer, to know what those ethics are. Few in this profession have adopted, let alone publicly posted, the ethical commitments.

Here are mine:

I will be honest about the information shared in a reading.

Clients frequently ask about situations, especially relationship matters, and appear to be seeking validation instead of advice. I do not tailor my readings to support a client bias toward a particular answer or attempt to skew my responses to provide people with what they want to hear. There are psychics, or people claiming to be psychics, who have no problem whatsoever with telling clients exactly what they want to hear. I believe in honesty above all else and guarantee every reading. The need for accuracy, and the importance of the readings that I provide, is reflected wholeheartedly in my work. I feel strongly that every psychic doing business should do the same.

I won’t bury my responsibilities in a heap of legal fine print.

Legal disclaimers, “for entertainment purposes only” statements, and mountains of fine print can be used to shield psychics from responsibility for their words and actions. While there are state and federal requirements to provide notices and act in certain ways to protect clients from bad psychics and prevent fraud, that’s the only legal print you will receive here. I stand by my services and don’t feel compelled to hide behind carefully prepared language full of loopholes that shelter me from responsibility.

I will not coach clients or fish for information from them.

Commonly known as “cold reading,” it’s really just playing head games with clients. It’s about giving just enough vague information to start making connections to people they know, or using statistical information to trick clients into believing that a statement that would apply to 80% of a demographic is “unique” to them. While it’s an interesting parlor trick and has made many so-called psychics rich, it’s also a scam. Insulting to the profession, and, more importantly, harmful to clients who are often given bad advice or driven to making poor choices. This isn’t how I work. Clients ask questions, I give answers. No guessing games, no smoke and mirrors, and no long winded exchanges to keep the meter running.

 I will not give readings to People Who are Impaired, Incapable, or Seem Altered.

While I’m legally required to stop a reading for those who are underage or who contact me with excessive frequency and/or whose total call time is excessive, I also go one step further and make my best attempt at weeding out persons who show signs of impairment. From the aged whose minds may be ravaged by dementia, to the lonely who just want someone to talk to, and those who are drunk or otherwise inebriated, to those whose capacity to make sound decisions, including understanding the cost, as it relates to contacting a psychic. While many psychics are happy to book a trip to the Bahamas and spend the money without remorse, my goal is to help people. And taking advantage of someone who isn’t capable, doesn’t accomplish that.

I have no limits on the number of questions which can be asked.

It is very rare to find an online psychic that doesn’t limit the number of questions that may be asked. I feel that this is very self-serving, as it is often a justification for greater expense by charging on a “per question” basis. I want my clients to feel free to ask any questions they wish,  and as many, or few, questions as they feel necessary to get the understanding that they need.

I won’t share information about any reading that I conduct.

While I try to be an honest, open minded, fair friend to my clients, I also understand the intimate and personal nature of the information that is shared and treat each client with strong professionalism, and keep these private discussions in confidence.  Some of what I do also often involves a certain amount of spiritual counseling. I feel that the information provided from my psychic readings is protected under the same confidentiality and privacy as that of a lawyer, a doctor, or a priest. I will not share what we discuss or the information provided by my readings unless directed by a court of law orders me to do so. As I keep no records of the content of my appointments, paper or electronic, the most I can provide is transactional information, appointment time and duration, method of payment, amount, etc. Although clients may request a taped session, I destroy those recordings upon successful conveyance to the client. Emails and chats through services may be retained by service provider under their own usage agreements.

I will not judge.

People seeking psychic advice come from all walks of life, the nature of my work puts me in touch with every square inch of humanity. Doctors, lawyers, housewives, retirees, executives, addicts, Hollywood stars, convicted felons, prostitutes, johns, people having affairs, people cheating on their spouse, the straight laced, the LGBTQQ rainbow, those in polyamorous relationships, democrats, republicans, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, and wives. I treat every person and every problem they have with the same respect. We are all people, we all make mistakes, we all make choices, we all face consequences, and we all deserve compassion and love regardless. I do not judge my clients, not the choices they have made, the lives they lead, the roles they have, or the thoughts they share.

I will not predict anyone’s time of death.

It is rare that a client asks this question, but it is certainly worth including in a code of ethics. There is a chance that by predicting someone’s death that you could affect the outcome. By voicing the prediction, a result may be manifested. In short, I fear that by predicting someone’s death I will help to cause that person’s death. I cringe when self-proclaimed psychics engage in this type of behavior. It seems to me that they must not truly believe in their predictions, have homicidal tendencies, or that they simply do not understand the workings of the universe.

I will not use my abilities to control, manipulate or program another human being.

As part of giving advice, I’m infrequently asked to “help others” by giving a false reading to manipulate or control a behavior, take part in an intervention, or otherwise control, manipulate, or “program” them to behave in a certain manner. While I understand the devastation that can be caused in a person’s life, and I make every attempt to avoid exploiting people who are incapable of making sound judgements, I also avoid taking parts in efforts to “fix” people. While I’m certainly supportive of an individual’s choice for self-improvement, the choice is ultimately theirs, and one that they have to make.

I will not be used to persuade, browbeat, cajole, manipulate, or “help” a client with an issue that they may be facing, from someone else’s perspective. I will, however, be glad to provide some free advice. Talk to them about your fears, concerns, thoughts, doubts, issues, and feelings about them, their choices, your relationship with them. I’m glad to help them, I’m glad to help you, but I won’t help you help them by comingling our interactions and acting as your mouthpiece. Find your voice, tell them what you need them to hear.

I will not sell anything to you other than my reading.

No “dark energy around you” or “your problems are caused by negative blocks, curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution” lines. While these can be great money makers that may so called psychics tell their clients that they need removed, at a price, in order to have a better life, they are the “would you like fries with that” of the psychic field. It’s a gimmick, and upsell, and a way to give people things that they don’t need and didn’t ask for, purely to make money. I perform a service, I provide a reading to you, we discuss that, we talk about your issues. You pay for that service, and that service alone. I may also recommend a book or article that I feel may interest you regarding your problem area, and these may be displayed as affiliate links on my site. While I think that the content may provide insight or assistance in dealing with this issue, these links will provide a small amount of revenue to me. You’re always free to buy the book elsewhere or without using the site link, check your local library or interlibrary loan for a copy! My recommendation of the book isn’t based on that revenue, only on it’s applicability to your situation. I only recommend books that I have read, and only in situations where I feel that they would be beneficial to you. I appreciate the use of affiliate links, and the revenue that they generate, but I don’t want you to ever feel that you must use them, or that my advice is about getting you to buy a thing you don’t want.