Aeson’s Code of Ethics

As a psychic who deals with people’s lives each day, I hold myself to a strong code of ethics to ensure professionalism and integrity. It’s important for you, the consumer, to know and understand these ethics. Unlike many others in the profession, I proudly adopt and publicly share my ethical commitments.

Here are the principles I stand by:

  1. Honesty and Integrity: I will always be honest about the information shared in a reading. I won’t tailor my responses to support a client’s bias or provide false validations. My commitment is to honesty and accuracy in every reading.
  2. Transparency: I won’t bury my responsibilities in the legal fine print. While I meet state and federal requirements to protect clients, I don’t rely on disclaimers to shield myself from responsibility. I stand by my services and prioritize transparency over legal jargon.
  3. No Cold Reading or Fishing for Information: I will not engage in tactics like cold reading or playing head games with clients. I won’t give vague information or manipulate statistical data to deceive clients. My approach is straightforward, providing answers to your questions without guesswork.
  4. Responsible Readings: I won’t give readings to individuals who are impaired, incapable, or seem altered. In addition to complying with legal requirements, I strive to protect vulnerable individuals and avoid taking advantage of those who may not be in a position to make sound decisions.
  5. Unlimited Questions: Unlike many online psychics who limit the number of questions, I believe in providing the freedom to ask as many questions as you need. Your understanding and satisfaction are my priorities, and I won’t place artificial restrictions on your inquiries.
  6. Confidentiality: I deeply respect the intimate and personal nature of the information shared during readings. I treat every client’s privacy with utmost professionalism, much like a lawyer, doctor, or priest. Your discussions with me are confidential, and I will not share any details unless required by a court of law.
  7. Non-Judgment: I approach every client and their concerns with respect and without judgment. Regardless of background, choices, or experiences, I believe in compassion and understanding for all individuals. We all make mistakes and deserve support and love.
  8. No Death Predictions: I will not predict anyone’s time of death. I hold the belief that by voicing such predictions, I could inadvertently influence the outcome. I consider it unethical to engage in this type of behavior and refrain from making death predictions.
  9. No Manipulation or Control: I will not use my abilities to control, manipulate, or program another human being. While I support self-improvement, I respect individuals’ autonomy and avoid participating in efforts to fix or control them.
  10. No Upselling or Unnecessary Sales: I will not sell anything to you other than my reading. I won’t use fear-based tactics like claiming the presence of dark energy or offering unnecessary services to make extra money. My focus is solely on providing the reading you seek.

I hope these principles help you understand my commitment to professionalism, and integrity, and provide you with valuable insights. Your trust and satisfaction are always my top priorities.