Marriages and Religious Services

Celebrate the sacred union of two souls with Aeson’s expert services in marriages and religious ceremonies. As an ordained minister and a devoted practitioner of Wicca, Aeson takes great delight in joining couples in holy matrimony. Regardless of your faith or personal preferences, he is dedicated to tailoring a service that resonates with your beliefs and reflects your unique love story.

Love knows no boundaries, and Aeson embraces the progress we’ve made in granting marriage rights to all couples, regardless of sexual orientation. He cherishes the opportunity to unite individuals who, until recently, were denied the privilege of marriage. With Aeson as your guide, you can expect a heartfelt and inclusive ceremony that celebrates the beauty of love.

With years of experience studying and practicing within the Wiccan community, Aeson holds the esteemed title of Third-Degree High Priest of the bear claw tradition. He has served as Wiccan clergy volunteer at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, demonstrating his commitment to his faith and providing spiritual guidance to those in need.

Aeson offers a range of services to cater to your specific needs, including marriages, handfasting, commitment ceremonies, Wiccaning, crossings, and funeral rites. His clergy rates for handfasting and marriages are $75.00, ensuring that your special day is filled with love and reverence. For Wiccaning and crossings, Aeson gratefully accepts gifts and donations as an expression of your appreciation.

Please note that for locations outside of Southern West Virginia, an additional fee of $0.56 per mile may apply after the first 30 miles of travel. Aeson is committed to making your ceremony a memorable and cherished experience, no matter the distance.

Choose Aeson as your trusted guide in sacred unions and religious ceremonies, and let the warmth of his presence make your special day truly unforgettable.