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Would you like to have an in-person reading or wish to schedule a call from Aeson Knight?

Booking an appointment is easy! Just give Aeson’s office a call at (304) 584-3592 and specify whether it is an in-person or phone appointment and we’ll find an appointment time, or time and location, that fits your needs. Aeson will call you at the time, or meet you and location, you have chosen and your reading will begin. As simple as that! Payments can be made through PayPal, VISA, Master Card, or American Express for all appointments, and cash for in-person appointments.

Aeson Currently Accept Phone Appointment and Live apponintment.

You Can Now Book online.

Aeson In Person, Reading Appointment   at Crystal Lotus Shoppe

89 Olde Main Plaza, Saint Albans, West Virginia 25177

Aeson currently offers four private packages:
60-Minute Reading: $90.00
45-Minute Reading: $70.00
30-Minute Reading: $50.00
15-Minute Reading: $27.50