Your Week Ahead Forecast March 13-19

The energy of the Week: Knight of Wands A lover of action, this is the card of someone who has a well-liked, energetic, confident, but sometimes unpredictable nature. He has an engaging temperament and his actions sometimes a little swift do tend to make sense with hindsight. Focus of the Week: Eight of Wands Understanding […]

Astrological Forecast

Astrological Forecast Mar 14 — Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces A day of confusion and manipulative vibes all around. People may be talking out of both sides of their mouths, making it hard to trust anyone—including our judgment. Mar 15 — Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces This artistic aspect allows us […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast September 18-24

Hello Dear Ones, I sense a powerful message from the universe, urging you to recognize your true worth and have the courage to ask for what you truly deserve in life. You are a remarkable soul, filled with unique talents, boundless potential, and an innate worth that is beyond measure. It’s important to remember that […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast September 11-17

Hello Dear Ones, By critically assessing our routines and traditions, we gain the opportunity to make deliberate choices that cater to our unique needs and goals. This self-awareness allows us to break free from the pressure to conform and embark on a path that resonates with our authentic selves. It empowers us to prioritize activities […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast September 4-10

Hello Dear Ones, This week, we must remain vigilant while embracing fresh opportunities and paths. However, this openness might bring greater spiritual growth at the expense of financial losses. Stay open to what unfolds. Have a blessed week, Your Week Ahead Forecast September 4-10 Energy of the Week: Seven of Swords Sudden desire and impulse. […]

Your September 2023 Tarotscope

Hello Dear One, Your monthly Tarotscope is just a snapshot of your life. Schedule a reading with Aeson Knight today and he will be happy to take a deeper look into your questions and worries! Have a blessed month, Aeson’s Schedule: Please Note: All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time. Monday 12:00 AM – […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast August 21-27

Hello Dear Ones, In life’s intricate journey, setbacks and detours are distinct yet intertwined aspects that shape our paths. Setbacks are unforeseen obstacles that challenge our progress and test our resilience. They can be disheartening, causing frustration and self-doubt. However, setbacks hold valuable lessons – they teach us adaptability and encourage us to reassess our […]

Today Daily Guide Aug 20

Today’s Tarot Card: THE DEVIL 🌟 The Devil card, often shrouded in fear, symbolizes the hidden facets of life and the chains that bind us—be it ignorance, materialism, or hopelessness. However, rather than embodying pure evil, it suggests areas in life where we might be entrapped, either by our own habits, perceptions, or external influences. […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 19 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: KING OF SWORDS 🌟 Introducing the King of Swords: a beacon of intellect, reason, and truth. He represents clear thinking, fairness, and high ethical standards. With his eloquence and insight, he provides clarity and guidance. He exemplifies honesty, and in his presence, you’re encouraged to think logically, communicate effectively, and act honorably. […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 18 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: QUEEN OF CUPS 🌟 Meet the Queen of Cups: a beacon of compassion, love, and intuition. Her heart leads the way, understanding the emotions of those around her without them even uttering a word. With her gentle nature, she appreciates beauty and feels the world’s pains and pleasures deeply. Today, she asks […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 17 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: SIX OF WANDS 🌟 Picture the champion, standing proud in the winner’s circle. That feeling of triumph and elation is the essence of the Six of Wands. This card heralds success, especially after hard work. It’s about recognition, honor, and the rewards of your dedication. Remember, true victory isn’t just about defeating […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 16 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: NINE OF CUPS 🌟 Imagine a cat, smug after catching a forbidden canary. That’s the essence of the Nine of Cups—blissful indulgence. This card celebrates sensory joys and encourages embracing life’s pleasures. However, a warning lingers: don’t overindulge at others’ expense. Overindulgence can bring fleeting joy but lasting regret. Known as the […]