Your Astrological Forecast for April 14-20

Hello Dear Ones, Being bold means having the courage to pursue our dreams and aspirations, even in the face of uncertainty or adversity. It involves taking calculated risks, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo. Without a willingness to take risks, we risk stagnation and missed opportunities for innovation and advancement. However, it’s crucial to […]

Your Astrological Forecast for April 7-13

Hello Dear Ones, Riding the energy wave of a solar eclipse can be a game-changer for personal growth and transformation. When the moon covers the sun, it’s like a cosmic power-up that can fuel our intentions and kickstart positive change. It’s a perfect time to take a breather, reflect, and set some goals. Use the […]

April Tarotscope & Astrological Forecast March 31-April 6

Hello Dear Ones, Your monthly Tarotscope is just a snapshot of your life. Schedule a reading with Aeson Knight today and he will be happy to take a deeper look into your questions and worries! Have a blessed week and month, Your Astrological Forecast for March 31-April 6 March 31 — Vesta enters Cancer The […]

Your Astrological Forecast for March 17-23

Hello Dear Ones, Happy New Year…Again?! The astrological new year is actually a historical fact. Coinciding with the Vernal Equinox and the Sun entering Aries, Spring has long been seen as the “real” beginning of the year, at least for astrologers and our ancestors. Rebirth, renewal, the return of life after a season of death, […]

Your Astrological Forecast for March 10-16

Hello Dear Ones, Logic and intuition are two powerful facets of human cognition that, when harmoniously balanced, offer a holistic approach to gaining insights. Logic, the rational and analytical aspect of thought, relies on reason and evidence to draw conclusions. It’s the structured framework that dissects information, identifies patterns, and follows a systematic approach to […]

Your Astrological Forecast for March 3-9

Hello Dear Ones, Resisting the urge to impulsively burn down our lives or take a wrecking ball to everything within them is crucial for several reasons. This urge may arise during times of frustration, discontent, or intense emotions, but acting on it without mindfulness can lead to long-lasting consequences. Here are some reasons why it’s […]

Your Astrological Forecast for February 25-March 2

Hello Dear Ones, When aspects of our lives seem to be falling apart or simply not working as we had hoped, it’s crucial to first acknowledge and accept the reality of the situation. This involves embracing the discomfort and resisting the temptation to deny or escape from the challenges we face. Rather than dwelling on […]

Your Astrological Forecast for February 11-17

Hello Dear Ones, Actively seeking out new information, questioning assumptions, and maintaining a genuine interest in the world around you can stimulate creative thinking. Engaging in diverse experiences, whether through travel, exposure to different cultures, or exploring new fields of knowledge, can broaden your perspectives and provide a rich tapestry of ideas to draw upon. […]

Your Astrological Forecast for February 4-10

Hello Dear Ones, Being the change is a powerful concept that emphasizes the individual’s role in initiating positive transformations in society. It encapsulates the idea that meaningful societal progress often begins with individuals taking responsibility for their actions and actively working towards positive outcomes. This principle encourages people to be proactive rather than passive observers, […]

Your Astrological Forecast for January 28-February 3

Hello Dear Ones, Building professional connections is a crucial aspect of career development, as it opens doors to new opportunities, knowledge, and collaborations. Effective networking involves not only meeting people within your industry but also cultivating genuine relationships by demonstrating authenticity and a willingness to contribute. Attend industry events, engage in online communities, and leverage […]