Latest Past Events

June Gallery Reading


A gallery reading is a unique experience where Aeson provides readings for a group of individuals who are gathered together in a shared online space, such as a Zoom room. Regardless of your geographical location, Aeson is dedicated to serving clients from all around the world, offering accurate and insightful answers to their questions. With […]

Psychic Saturday June


Join Us for Psychic Saturday With Aeson Knight – one of the top readers in the state. Providing clear answers to your questions with the help of Tarot and pure psychic abilities. All day he will be providing appointments by Zoom Video or Phone, pre-booking is required. Aeson provides readings for clients all across the […]

Candle Magick Class


Why and How to Practice Candle Magic Candle magic harnesses the power of fire—the element of transformation—to bring change. Think for a moment about how fire transforms things. It melts wax. It renders many organic materials (leaves, wood, flesh and bone) to ash. It softens hard metals and makes them malleable for forging. It can […]