Ancient Celtic Reading Plus Three Questions


A traditional 10-card spread focused on where you are in life. It gives a direct answer to one main question or speaks to the broader scope of your life and where it is headed, to give you a complete picture of your life in terms of your question. . With three additional questions,



Introducing the Ancient Celtic Reading Plus Three Questions:

Are you seeking profound insights into your life’s journey and a comprehensive understanding of your current circumstances? The Ancient Celtic Reading Plus Three Questions is a powerful 10-card spread designed to provide you with direct answers and a broader perspective on where your life is heading. It offers a complete picture of your life in relation to your specific question, shedding light on the outcomes and implications of the issues at hand.

The Ancient Celtic Reading focuses on where you are in life and offers guidance and clarity in both the immediate and long-term aspects of your journey. Each card represents a different aspect of your life, such as relationships, career, spirituality, and personal growth. As the cards are laid out, a comprehensive narrative unfolds, revealing the interplay of energies and influences shaping your path.

By delving into the wisdom of the ancient Celtic traditions and connecting with the spiritual realm, Aeson will interpret the cards and provide you with profound insights and guidance. Whether you have a specific question or seek a broader understanding of your life’s trajectory, this reading offers clarity and guidance to empower you in making informed decisions and aligning with your higher purpose.

In addition to the 10-card spread, you will have the opportunity to ask three additional questions, allowing you to delve deeper into specific areas of concern or explore how the information received may impact other aspects of your life. These three questions provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the guidance received and help you navigate the complexities of your life’s journey.

Please keep in mind that while the Ancient Celtic Reading Plus Three Questions offers valuable insights and guidance, it is essential to remember that you have free will and the power to shape your own destiny. The reading serves as a tool to support your decision-making process and empower you to navigate your life’s path with confidence and clarity.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with the Ancient Celtic Reading Plus Three Questions. Gain profound insights into your life’s purpose, relationships, career, and more. Let Aeson guide you on a path of self-realization, clarity, and empowerment.

To experience the wisdom of the Ancient Celtic Reading Plus Three Questions, book your reading today. Discover the deeper meaning of your life’s journey and receive guidance to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities.


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