Today Daily Guide Aug 20

Today’s Tarot Card: THE DEVIL 🌟 The Devil card, often shrouded in fear, symbolizes the hidden facets of life and the chains that bind us—be it ignorance, materialism, or hopelessness. However, rather than embodying pure evil, it suggests areas in life where we might be entrapped, either by our own habits, perceptions, or external influences. […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 19 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: KING OF SWORDS 🌟 Introducing the King of Swords: a beacon of intellect, reason, and truth. He represents clear thinking, fairness, and high ethical standards. With his eloquence and insight, he provides clarity and guidance. He exemplifies honesty, and in his presence, you’re encouraged to think logically, communicate effectively, and act honorably. […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 18 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: QUEEN OF CUPS 🌟 Meet the Queen of Cups: a beacon of compassion, love, and intuition. Her heart leads the way, understanding the emotions of those around her without them even uttering a word. With her gentle nature, she appreciates beauty and feels the world’s pains and pleasures deeply. Today, she asks […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 17 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: SIX OF WANDS 🌟 Picture the champion, standing proud in the winner’s circle. That feeling of triumph and elation is the essence of the Six of Wands. This card heralds success, especially after hard work. It’s about recognition, honor, and the rewards of your dedication. Remember, true victory isn’t just about defeating […]

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 16 🌠

Today’s Tarot Card: NINE OF CUPS 🌟 Imagine a cat, smug after catching a forbidden canary. That’s the essence of the Nine of Cups—blissful indulgence. This card celebrates sensory joys and encourages embracing life’s pleasures. However, a warning lingers: don’t overindulge at others’ expense. Overindulgence can bring fleeting joy but lasting regret. Known as the […]

Today Daily Guide Aug  15

Daily Tarot Guide: Aug 15 🌠 Today’s Tarot Card: Two of Swords 🌟 The Two of Swords depicts a woman shielding her heart, a clear sign of inner and outer barriers. This card prompts introspection: Are there truths you’re avoiding? Emotions you’re suppressing? While sometimes barriers protect us, they can also isolate us. The message […]

Today Daily Guide Aug 14

Today’s Tarot Card: Knight of Wands 🌟 Meet the Knight of Wands: passionate, daring, and full of life! While he’s the life of the party, loved for his energy and charm, he sometimes acts without thinking, leading to impulsive decisions. In today’s reading, this Knight invites you to reflect: Is his bold energy benefiting you, […]

May 1 Daily Guides

Today’s  Tarot card is  NINE OF PENTACLES The woman on the Nine of Pentacles is taking a leisurely stroll through the gardens of her estate. She is clearly a lady of refinement and grace, so it is incongruous to see on her left hand a bird trained to hunt and kill on command. Falconry is […]

Daily Guide for April 30, 2023

Today’s  Tarot card is  Ten of Wands On the Ten of Wands, we see a bent figure trying to carry ten heavy poles. They are ranged so closely in front of him that he can’t even see where he’s going. Nothing exists for this man except his burdens and responsibilities. How true this is for […]

Daily Guide for April 29, 2023

Today’s  Tarot card is  KING OF PENTACLES The personality of the King of Pentacles is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He might as well be called King Midas as he turns everything he touches to gold (riches of all kinds). He […]