Your Concerned Spirit Guide Says… Spread



The “Your Concerned Spirit Guide Says…” spread is designed to provide you with valuable insights and understanding when you feel surrounded by signs and symbols but struggle to interpret their meaning. If you’ve been receiving messages from the spiritual realm but find yourself unable to fully grasp their significance, this spread is here to help.

Your spirit guides are constantly trying to communicate with you, offering guidance and support along your life’s journey. However, their messages are often subtle and symbolic, requiring interpretation to fully comprehend their intended meaning. The purpose of this spread is to bridge the gap between the signs you’ve been receiving and their underlying message.

By laying out the Tarot cards in the “Your Concerned Spirit Guide Says…” spread, Aeson will tap into the wisdom of the cards and your spirit guides to unveil the hidden messages behind the signs you’ve been encountering. Each card represents a specific aspect or insight, shedding light on what your spirit guides have been trying to convey to you.

This spread serves as a translator, helping you understand the meaning behind the signs and providing you with a clear view of what your spirit guides are guiding you to do next. It allows you to gain a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and receive actionable guidance for your life’s path.

If you’ve been feeling perplexed by the signs and messages around you, the “Your Concerned Spirit Guide Says…” spread will offer the clarity and understanding you seek. Order a Tarot reading Email with Aeson to unravel the mysteries and unlock the profound wisdom that your spirit guides have been eagerly waiting to share with you.


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