Your Week Ahead Forecast October 9-15

Hello Dear Ones,

Lately, the universe has been guiding me to shed light on a fundamental aspect of our decision-making process – the distinction between impulses and instincts. Both can be powerful forces in our lives, but discerning between them can make all the difference.

Impulses often arise suddenly and can be driven by emotional responses or external influences. They can be fleeting and, at times, lead us to make choices that we later regret. Impulses are like waves, washing over us in a moment of intensity. These might be actions born out of fear, frustration, or a desire for instant gratification.

On the other hand, instincts are deeper, rooted in your inner wisdom. They come from a place of inner knowing, of listening to your intuition, and can provide profound insights. Instincts guide us toward decisions that align with our true selves and our highest good. They are like a steady, reliable compass that helps us navigate life’s twists and turns.

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Your Week Ahead Forecast October 9-15

Energy of the Week: The Emperor

Competitiveness, forcefulness in development and execution. Authority, structure, governmental and corporate identities. Worldly power, self control gained through experience. Ability to shoulder responsibility. Powerful individuals, ambition together with the possibility of long term achievement.

Focus of the Week: Knight of Swords

A clever, skillful and active person, courageous and strong, always at his best in a difficult situation. He may have a tendency to dominate and depending upon surrounding cards, his movement may be either in or out of the Querent’s life for either better or worse. He is the archetypal warrior.

Lesson of the Week: Page of Pentacles

A meticulous, hardworking man, proud of his responsibilities. He is essentially honourable, a good administrator, but may sometimes be a little too diligent and overzealous in his duties.

Aeson Says:

At the start of the week, you may find yourself butting heads with conditional structures and limitations that have confined you in various aspects of your life. Embrace this opportunity to fight for your independence and break free from any constraints that no longer serve you.

As midweek approaches, the urge to escape impulsively might be tempting. You may feel a strong desire to run away from responsibilities or situations that feel suffocating. Before making any impulsive decisions, take a moment to reflect on the root of these feelings. Sometimes, this desire for escape signifies a need for a change in perspective or approach, rather than a complete departure.

By the weekend, it’s time to shift your focus towards your finances and exercise caution. Consider your financial decisions carefully, and ensure that your resources are being managed wisely. This is an opportunity to reevaluate your financial goals and make necessary adjustments to secure a stable and prosperous future.

Your Astrological Forecast for October 9-15

Oct 09 — Venus in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces

This lonely aspect can bring us a sense of sadness due to delays and disillusion. Spend time alone or focus on practical matters.

Oct 10 — Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

This is the last time Pluto will be direct in Capricorn and, as we spend the last few months with Pluto in the sign of the Goat, this is an ideal time to focus on the lessons we’ve learned over the last decade and how we can use them in the new age.

Oct 11 — Mars enters Scorpio

The cold autumn gets heated up when Mars enters Scorpio, one of the signs it rules. The next six weeks will feel like a slow burn as we seek out passion, mystery, and the most taboo of desires.

Oct 13 — Mars in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces

Our loyalties are tested today when we need to stand up for the people we love. We also find out who’s standing in our corner and who isn’t.

Oct 14 — New moon solar eclipse in Libra

The new moon solar eclipse in the Libra can have us feeling pretty off balanced, as it can feel impossible to make a decision. Trying to please everyone will make you feel lonely and burnt out.

This Week’s Schedule:

Please Note: All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time.


10:30 PM – 5:00 AM


10:30 PM – 7:00 AM


10:30 PM – 5:00 AM


10:30 PM – 5:00 AM


10:30 PM – 5:00 AM


10:30 PM – 5:00 AM


10:30 PM – 5:00 AM

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