Your Astrological Forecast for June 25-July 2

Hello Dear Ones,This week brings a mix of energies and influences. The challenging aspect of dealing with misinformation and contradictory sources may leave us feeling drained, so it’s important to prioritize thorough research before making decisions. It’s advisable to take things slowly to avoid acting rashly and potentially regretting our actions, as accidents and mishaps […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast June 19-25

Hello Dear Ones, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering patience during our recent journey. Your ability to wait with grace and understanding is truly commendable. Patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses, but you have shown an exceptional level of it, and for that, I am […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast June 12-18

Hello Dear Ones, Gossip, though often tempting and prevalent in social interactions, can have significant detrimental effects on individuals and relationships. Engaging in gossip can create an environment of negativity, mistrust, and toxicity, eroding the fabric of connections and damaging reputations. The act of gossiping often involves spreading rumors, speculating on personal matters, or discussing […]

Your Astrological Forecast June 12-18

Hello Dear Ones, Embrace the wondrous realm of cosmic energies as you embark on a transformative journey. Stay hopeful, dream big, connect, and nurture yourself along the way. With each step, open yourself to the mystical forces that surround you, allowing them to illuminate your path. Embrace the unknown with unwavering resilience and an open […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast June 5-11

Hello Dear Ones, Hey, can you hurry up? Geez, what’s your rush? Does it seem like no matter what we are doing it’s never at the right speed, like there isn’t a “Goldilocks Zone” for us to move at? Pain, trauma, heartbreak, and grief. Love, joy, passion, and exploration. We move in our lives at […]

Your Astrological Forecast June 5-11

Hello Dear One, Below is your Astrology Forecast, and I hope that each of you take time to take a break this week as we are all going to need it! June 4th’s Full Moon is a great opportunity to get that break, but as we move through the week, you’re definitely going to want […]

Your June 2023 Tarotscope

Hello Dear One, Your monthly Tarotscope is just a snapshot of your life. Schedule a reading with Aeson Knight today and he will be happy to take a deeper look into your questions and worries! Have a blessed month, Aeson’s Schedule: Please Note: All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time. Your June 2023 Tarotscope […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast May 29-June 4

Hello Dear Ones, As we move from May into June, Summer is here and many children are beginning to find the joy of being off of school, graduates are beginning the next step of their career growth, and we all begin to long for the vacation that may, or may not, be here soon. With […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast May 22-28

Hello Dear Ones, This week I want you to get some more wrinkles! In your brain! This week’s energy is great for learning new things. So this week I really want you to take time to dig in, to research, and to explore your dreams. Taking a deep dive into your interests will let you […]

Your Week Ahead Forecast May 15-21

Hello Dear Ones, As we move through this week Jupiter enters Taurus on the 16th and a New Moon in Taurus on the 19th, we also see Mars entering Leo on the 20th. All of which leads this weeks energy to feel very hyper. Have a Blessed Week, Your Week Ahead Forecast May 15-21 Energy […]