Is Social Media Killing Your Relationship? You May Not Know That It Is!

While your relationship is far more complex than the makeup, kitchen appliance, or movie you were talking about with a friend last week-and all the advertisements you’ve seen for that since-there is an algorithm for everything, and, as a result, a cause and effect that occurs that will affect your relationship through social media. Ever […]

Don’t say

I’ve repeatedly seen the “don’t use this, can’t say that” gatekeeping nonsense. I’m Rom, and the issue of “don’t use Gypsy” and “don’t Say Gypsy” is very relevant to me. What’s worse, who asked me, who asked the Rom? No one. So do us, me and the Rom that I come from, a favor and […]

Settling: Love at Any Cost?

Something has really been bugging me lately. One of those moments where the things people say spark an idea that just worms its way in. Oh, the number of applications a job gets; oh, how many people didn’t work out. Whole news articles get written on the subject, from “nobody wants to work anymore,” “quiet […]