Coffee & Tea With Aeson &Dottie

When two internationally known psychics set down and talk shop what do they talk about? well, the two of them may start out talking about the weather. They’re going to be talking about much more than that join us. As Aeson and Dottie sit down and talk about what’s really going on. While each month they have a topic there is no telling where these two will end up this month they are talking about psychic training and all those pretty papers Aeson has all over his walls and what it is like to train? While there are few places that offer psychic degrees what is the deal? where do you get your degrees and how to learn how to be a professional psychic? We know there going to be a spill of the tea and Aeson always throwing a little shade.

So, grab your tea or coffee and join in Aeson Knight: After discovering his gift of clairvoyance at an early age, Aeson endeavored to learn tarot reading to focus on the question at hand. With many years of practice, this advanced His abilities so that he can bestow answers that go beyond simple card readings and random predictions. This combination provides clear guidance to your specific questions. Aeson works only with your direct questions so that you get the information you need. Learn More @ or

Dottie The Psychic: The act of doing magic, including reading for people, connects me to the universe. I talk to my higher power. I’ve seen a whole different side of reality. I know some people don’t believe me, and I feel sorry for them because they won’t see the beautiful things I’ve seen till they die. I can help people improve their lives. Whether I’m figuring out what’s going bump in the night, reading cards, or helping people connect with their higher self I am ready to help. Learn More: or

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I learned what my gifts were and how to use them at an early age, then I learned the art of Tarot reading in order to focus more on the question at hand. This gives me the ability to help other people along their path. Reading itself is as natural to me as breathing is to you, a natural ability that I focus on you, and all the areas of your life, so I can answer your specific questions.

So if you have a question, just ask it. I will tell you what I see for you with no ‘sugar coating’ or beating around the bush. I will tell you straight up, with clear answers to your questions. I don’t do any ‘smoke and mirrors,” just plainspoken advice that you need to hear!

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