The Weekly Energy Overview for April 18-24.

First, we look at what the black moon astrology deck believes we will need to focus on this week. we focus on different areas of the astrology chart and the area that is heating up.

These three cards pulled shows you the area that it believes you should focus on and what you need to know about this week.  

First card the area of life we will focus the most this week: the Fifth House

Every child is an artist. 

The problem is staying an artist when you grow up. —Pablo Picasso

Be happy—give yourself the gift of happiness.

The Fifth House is strongly tied to artistic expression, meaning the art of every kind, from painting, to drawing, to creating stage sets, costuming, writing stage and screenplays, making films, as well as music.

The Fifth House card is all about finding joy in creativity, and self-expression with the promise of a jubilant return to childhood. It can denote a carnival-like atmosphere where life becomes a three-ring circus, but usually in the best way possible. It is all about multitasking, taking on more than is expected, and then making a spectacular success of it. This is the card of the mastery and victory, in a deep way, such as that which you already carry inside your heart. All is possible now. The most important thing is to move forward.

Second card is the elemental energy that we will need to help us this week: WATER ELEMENT    SENSING

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. —Roger Ebert

Let matters flow.

In astrology, the element of water represents our emotions and our talents of the imagination. Water characterizes the realm of vision taking us into the quintessential depths of feeling where intuition is more appropriate than acquired wisdom and knowledge. We get “carried away” on water. We have feelings of floating or being “adrift” over water. When looking at the shimmering surfaces of water we cannot see to the bottom, but we know and sense what is there—deep things too obtuse and transitory to explain, fathoms of moods and insight.

This card represents being connected to the flow of all things. It is also the ability to keep a secret or to work alone in privacy. It is probably best to now allow people or circumstances to not pin you down or hem you in. Frankly, you now have the ability to flow or drift out of any situation in the way water is able to move around obstacles very gently and easily.

Currently, you may also have the feeling of floating or being adrift. In a sense, it is a type of surrender. Maybe it is the surrender to a dream. At present, you may have little energy and want to withdraw. You are in fact doing a lot of inner processing which will take you where you want to go. There are deeper levels working and developing inside you, but the work is not seen on the outside. Expect a pause but forward motion soon.

Look inward. Don’t worry about the drama that surrounds you. Avoid the commotion, sit still, float, and trust your inner wisdom. It will not steer you wrong.

Third Card:  what will be the key to success this week: SIXTH HOUSE    ROUTINE

The body is a sacred garment.

—Martha Graham

You must change your usual way of looking at things.

The Sixth House is ruled by the mutable sign Virgo and the planet Mercury. In the horoscope it is the area of routine and everyday life. It is not so much a dazzling place as it has to do with the ordinary.

This house reminds us of what we should do to maintain good health, and in this, diet figures in. Anything that comes under alternative health or various approaches to strengthening the body and supporting a healthy lifestyle all falls under the category of the Sixth House.

The Sixth House is all about duty, responsibility, and gainful employment. It shows how hard you work, how organized you are, how much you worry, and what you do on a daily, nine-to-five basis

As the Sixth House has everything to do with your routine and what you do regularly, you may experience changes and disruptions in your schedule. It would also be to your benefit to become as organized as you can since at this time any type of disorganization could defeat your plans.

It is time to pay attention to the small particulars, rather than the larger picture. The larger picture cannot develop without the minute details. You may find yourself worrying over little matters, which is exhausting.. It’s important to be analytical in your endeavors or they may come unraveled and not turn out in the ideal way you want. Perfection is not necessary to success. Completing what you start is more important. However, the Sixth House card does suggest you insist on quality and usefulness.

You may find yourself critical at this time or others will seem to be critical of you. You may want to clear up or correct matters which may have become unhinged or are at least off track. Efficiency and doing the right thing at the right time will serve you in the coming days.

This is probably not an easy time because it is not meant to be. For something to really serve you in the best way possible (with the outcome you are wanting) you will have to go step-by-step and have patience. It is not likely to happen fast. But whatever you manage to accomplish will stick and serve you well in the future.

So in summary you will need to be a good bit creative this week and also focus on the basic routines, allowing yourself to move like water to handle things that pop up with you instead of you fighting to get to where you want them it is best to allow them to develop and grow.

Wisdom from Thoth on your emotions this week.

The nine of swords: This card illustrates the classic “defense mechanism” by suppression, love , aggression or is undergoing a process of revision and perfection with repentance and dedication, which also described as “martyrdom” or “passive” resistance.

Followed by Ace of Disks

The Disks suit represents the Earth element; this corresponds to the material world, the “Assiah” humanity of the Cabalists that appeared on the back of gold coins. Gold or money is not only a means to gain power and rule in the outside world from a one-dimensional material perspective, but gold can also cause love to die because, behind the statement that the desire for gold and power is the root of all sin, there is a fact that any attempt to gain power is poison to love. However, on the level of spirituality, gold is the manifestation of what is desirable to achieve at the highest level.

With these two cards combined, we should ask ourselves if we are acting in a way that damages others to some extent? Is there a danger from a distance, or from our own inner self?  With the ace of disk following the nine of Swords, you should ask yourself: are you hurting your own self by not taking the next step to finding the passion that you deserve.  In a form of martyrdom if so, you may want to look at your love for gold (money) and ask which is better to do what you are passionate about or to have a bank account with money that comes from what makes you miserable.

Self-Care focus

We take our look at our self-care card pointing us to which direction we should focus in the coming week.

8 of spades

Exercise strength

With this it brings into the important idea of exercise and strength as we care for our self we build on our own self care if you are not taking self-care seriously.  You may want to look very serious at why you do not value your self first.

 This is one of the most important steps to begin caring for the body. When you begin a exercise and strengthening program you begin benefiting not only the body but the mind and allow the muscle to move and release the stress that has been built up and stored. This stress can be very toxic to your own energy field and to your health in general with that if you begin working on your exercise and strength you will begin to feel lighter, and your energy will improve.

So, this week begin looking at your Exercise and strength program as self-care and if you do not have this as part of your self-care program maybe you should include it.

Have a magickal week and I will be here if you need me.

Aeson Knight

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