Your Astrological Forecast March 27-April 2

Hello Dear Ones,

Well, we made it past the ides of March and we are moving full steam ahead into April by the end of the week! Now, some will be entering April like a lamb, some will tear into it like lions—and I’m not talking about the weather. I’m talking about your attitude, how you will face this new month, next quarter, and rise for the rest of the year.

Who are you, what are your goals, and what are you doing—what are your action steps—to reach your goals?

Your attitude can change everything, it can give you the courage, the tenacity, the capacity to turn what you’re doing into success, or failure.

Don’t forget, my schedule for the week is below, let’s work together today to plan your success!

Have a Blessed Week,

Your Astrological Forecast:

Mar 27 — Mercury in Aries conjunct Jupiter in Aries

Bold Aries encourages all to take a leap of faith today, as we will be lucky in every area of our lives. Look at life through optimistic eyes and fearlessly take the road less traveled.

Mar 30 — Mars in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces

This is a collaborative aspect that allows us all to work together to achieve a common goal. Help each other out today!

Mar 30 — Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Be spontaneous in your love life today. A chance meeting with someone could light the spark in your romantic life.

Angel Energy of the Week: Isaiah

You are ripe with new possibilities, and you feel an urgency to push into new territory. Beloved one, your new and exciting life changes are inevitable. There is no turning back! Instead of playing it safe, you decided to move forward. That is why I am with you right now, giving you the extra courage and comfort that you need.

However, there is no need to rush. This is a time of incubation, where nature can allow everything to grow in its innate rhythm. Be assured that your life change will hatch at just the right moment! In the meantime, know that God and the angels are watching over you. You are safe and very loved. Congratulations on the birth of this new period of your life!

This Week’s Schedule:

  • Monday
    • 10:00pm – 7:00am (Tuesday)
  • Tuesday
    • 11:00pm – 7:00am (Wednesday)
  • Wednesday
    • 10:00pm – 7:00am (Thursday)
  • Thursday
    • 1:00am – 7:00am (Friday)
  • Friday
    • 11:00pm – 7:00am (Saturday)
  • Saturday
    • 9:00pm – 7:00am (Sunday)
  • Sunday
    • 11:00pm – 7:00am (Monday)
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I learned what my gifts were and how to use them at an early age, then I learned the art of Tarot reading in order to focus more on the question at hand. This gives me the ability to help other people along their path. Reading itself is as natural to me as breathing is to you, a natural ability that I focus on you, and all the areas of your life, so I can answer your specific questions.

So if you have a question, just ask it. I will tell you what I see for you with no ‘sugar coating’ or beating around the bush. I will tell you straight up, with clear answers to your questions. I don’t do any ‘smoke and mirrors,” just plainspoken advice that you need to hear!

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