Astrological Forecast Week of December 12-18

Astrological Forecast

Dec 12 — Sun in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius

A good day to be productive and get a jump-start on any pending projects.

Dec 17 — Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus

Exciting news in terms of business, career, and financial matters comes our way today.

Dec 18 — Ceres enters Libra

During this transit, we nourish the soul by finding balance in our lives as we try to take care of other people as well as ourselves.

This Week’s Angel Card

Astra – Astara

“You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise.”

In the past, you have settled for less than you wanted. But no more. I am here to raise your standards. I am also here to show you that you need not suffer in any way. It isn’t selfish to desire a better life. The more that you receive, the more you are able to give to others. When you allow us to give to you, you’re also supplied with all of the necessary tools for your life’s purpose. You also inspire others when you show that the spiritual path gives you all of the support you could ever need.

God and the angels want you to enjoy your life. Happiness is a holy part of your Divine mission. Whatever we can do to bring joy and peace into your life, please ask. We have noticed a reluctance on your part to ask for help. Perhaps you have felt that you didn’t deserve good, or that you would be taking away from someone else if you received our help. Yet God only knows abundance, and humans are the only ones who believe in scarcity. This card is a reminder that God and the angels can only intervene if you request our help.

This week schedule:

Monday9:30am EST to 3:30pm EST
5:15pm EST to 6:30pm EST
8:00pm EST to 10:30pm EST
Tuesday9:30am EST to 3:30pm EST
5:15pm EST to 6:30pm EST
Wednesday9:30am EST to 12:30pm EST
3:30pm EST to 6:00pm EST
8:45pm EST to 1:45am EST
Thursday12:00pm EST to 6:00pm EST
FridayUnavailable Due to Event
SaturdayUnavailable Due to Event
Sunday5:15pm EST to 6:30pm EST

Have a Great Week!


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I learned what my gifts were and how to use them at an early age, then I learned the art of Tarot reading in order to focus more on the question at hand. This gives me the ability to help other people along their path. Reading itself is as natural to me as breathing is to you, a natural ability that I focus on you, and all the areas of your life, so I can answer your specific questions.

So if you have a question, just ask it. I will tell you what I see for you with no ‘sugar coating’ or beating around the bush. I will tell you straight up, with clear answers to your questions. I don’t do any ‘smoke and mirrors,” just plainspoken advice that you need to hear!

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