Your Astrological Forecast for February 4-10

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Your Astrological Forecast for February 4-10

February 4 — Mercury enters Aquarius

For the next two weeks, we’ll be a little too “online” as we connect through texts, emails, DMs, and social media. This is a great time to be open to new ideas and concepts while still holding true to what we believe in.

February 5 — Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Being the aspect of the “detective,” this merging of the planet of communication with the planet of psychology could have us immersed (or obsessed) in solving a mystery. It is an ideal day for doing deep research work.

February 6 — Pallas enters Sagittarius

The asteroid of strategy and wisdom will be in wise Sagittarius for the next several weeks, giving us a cosmic education. This is a great time for expanding our minds and values as we look at every situation from a new point of view.

February 7 — Ceres enters Capricorn

In astrology, Ceres is a nurturing asteroid, focusing on cycles and seasons. In stable Capricorn, this is a great time for fresh starts as we’re encouraged to begin new projects, create a name for ourselves, and plant the seeds for the upcoming Spring.

February 7 — Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

Dreams blend easily with reality today as this aspect helps us see the beauty in the world around us. An ideal day for romance and conjuring spells.

February 8 — Vesta goes direct in Gemini

After feeling like we’ve been in hibernation for the first part of Winter, we finally get the energy and focus on our passions and plan the next steps to achieve our goals. However, it’s still a good idea to do more listening than talking.

February 8 — Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

This rebellious aspect can create power struggles as we collectively feel the injustices of the world. Where can you take your power and make a difference?

February 9 — New moon in Aquarius

Seize opportunities during this innovative new moon, as you’ll be able to see futures that others only dream of. It’s a good time to find your community and build a strong network to help you grow.

February 10 — Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus

Watch your words today, as you may sound cocky about things you might not know much about. It’s way too easy to be humbled if you’re not careful!

February 10 — Lunar New Year/Year of the Dragon

Welcome to the year of the wood Dragon! This year has a grounding energy as we become more responsible and determined to reach our goals. This is not the time to rush things—stay steady and grow.

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