Your daily energy for April 1, 2022

One way to start to use numerology in your daily life is to know the number of the day. The global number of the day is a single-digit number that is different than the calendar day number. The numbers that mark the passage of time can all reveal portals of energy that we can tap into. What that means is that we can know what days are going to have certain types of energy so we can be prepared and use our energy efficiently

Today’s number: 2

Its energy: A day for balance, weighing decisions, and planning. This period is about harmonizing, and not taking too hasty action. This day may start with disastrous appearances, but will wrap up quite nicely, and will end very well.

This is the day to be social and develop friendly relationships with others. You like to be in the company of friends. Try to resolve differences with others. You don’t like to dominate and be dominated in any case.

Starting each day with this Tarot reading is a terrific way to get psyched for all the possibilities—and avoid possible pitfalls.

Today’s Tarot Card: Seven of Pentacles

Today’s tarot card description:

On the Seven of Pentacles we see a man who has labored long and hard in his garden. The foliage is full, the blossoms are out – it seems that his work has paid off. Now he’s taking a break to admire his handiwork. How satisfying it is to see such fine results! How rewarding is a sweet success!

The Seven of Pentacles is a time-out card. It represents those moments after a rush of activity when we stop to catch our breath and look around. The man in the picture has paused to contemplate the fruits of his own labors, but he could also pick that fruit. In readings, the Seven of Pentacles can indicate a reward that will come your way, particularly as a result of your own efforts. Take it and enjoy.

This card is also a call for an assessment. When we’re busy, we don’t always have time to reflect on what we’re doing and why. Are we still on course? Are we getting the results we want? Serious problems can develop if you don’t take stock at key moments. In readings, this card suggests that you take the time to be sure you’re meeting your goals.

The Seven of Pentacles can also indicate a crossroads. In life, there’s a tendency to continue with familiar routines. To go in a new direction isn’t easy. The Seven of Pentacles may be telling you to figure out if you need a course correction or even a complete about-face. You’re not yet committed to a certain path, but you could be soon. Change is still possible.

The Seven of Pentacles is not a card of endings or final decisions. The game is not over, but only on hold for a moment. Once you’ve gotten your breath back and checked your strategy, be ready to jump back in and work even harder than before.

Astrology Events for Today: New moon in Aries


Despite being near April Fool’s Day, the new moon with Aries is nothing to joke about as we get ready to act. This is an ideal night to create a solid plan and take small actions to achieve your goals for the astrological new year.

The Moon Lesson for today: New Moon in Aries

It is time to take action

The flame is lit! A wonderful new start beckons and you are on the right track. Drawing this card is a superbly positive sign if there is something you want to happen in your life. Take this card as a big ‘Yes!’ from the Universe. This is the time to really tune in to your dreams. You may still have a long way to go (after all, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac) but you’re on your way. Determination, self-assertion and bravery are called for, but the hot fire of Aries is driving you towards success in whatever endeavor


you are asking about. The caution? Do not go too fast and forget your manners. Treat people well as you charge towards your goals — you’ll create much better karma for yourself.

Attune to the Moon

Do not even think about giving up.

Additional meanings for this card

          Do your best — and be happy with that.

          Avoid being brash right now.

          You need a 12-month plan.

          A new male is coming into your life.

The teaching

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so the New Moon in Aries is the first of the 12 or 13 New Moons of the year. If you’re committed to working with all the lunations, then the New Moon in Aries is the right time to start, and drawing this card — no matter when you do it — signifies it’s also the ideal time to start your Moon work, such as setting intentions.

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I learned what my gifts were and how to use them at an early age, then I learned the art of Tarot reading in order to focus more on the question at hand. This gives me the ability to help other people along their path. Reading itself is as natural to me as breathing is to you, a natural ability that I focus on you, and all the areas of your life, so I can answer your specific questions.

So if you have a question, just ask it. I will tell you what I see for you with no ‘sugar coating’ or beating around the bush. I will tell you straight up, with clear answers to your questions. I don’t do any ‘smoke and mirrors,” just plainspoken advice that you need to hear!

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